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The regulations for achieving a pilot exemption certificate are available from the Danish pilotage act, section 14, chapter 5 and the executive order on the issuing of pilot certificates and pilot exemption certificates, sections 15-18 and appendixes 1, 3, and 4.

How to do:

• Fill in all mandatory fields in the application form for a pilot exemption certificate.

• Attach digital photo (digital photo in high resolution)

• Attach signature (upload as file with signature written clearly in black pen)

• The minimum requirement for the number of pilotage assignments/sailings performed in each individual pilotage area is stipulated in annex 3.

• Once the application has been approved by the Danish Maritime Authority, an electronic file will be created, which the applicant must use for reporting the sailing frequency.

• If it is not possible for the applicant to report the sailing frequency electronically, this must be noted in the application under remarks. Subsequently, the Danish Maritime Authority will forward a form for reporting the sailing frequency.

• When the applicant has acquired sufficient local experience, cf. annex 3, in the pilotage area applied for, the Danish Maritime Authority must be contacted in order to arrange for the aptitude test for a pilot exemption certificate.

• When the aptitude test has been passed, the Danish Maritime Authority will issue a pilot exemption certificate.

• In accordance with the application form, the pilot exemption certificate and invoice will be forwarded to the applicant or the shipowner.

Danish Maritime Authority  Caspar Brands Plads 9  - 4220 Korsør - Phone: 7219 6000